Mega Voice

Imagine not being able to read. Read that one more time and think hard on it. Reading is power. You are able to educate yourself if you can read. You can find out if what someone told you is truth or not.


Imagine not being able to read God’s word but just having to take for Truth what someone tells you about God. Can you just imagine how terribly confusing that would be?


Yet, even worse, imagine being told lies about God, believing them, thinking you are right with God. On the day when you take your last breath and go from this life to the next, imagine you were wrong. Oh the horrors!!!

Mega Voice is a company that has solar-powered audio Bibles in the language of the people in Bunga Village.

Our sponsors were so gracious and helped supply Bunga-Love Project members with the most wonderful gift. . .God’s Word.


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May these women be faithful to teach the things they learn about God to their little ones so this next generation will grow up faithfully serving the LORD Jesus Christ. Through these Mega Voices we are reclaiming two generations at once all for the name of Jesus.DSCF2354 DSCF2356

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