We first met Edith in 2013. She was a Bunga-Love Project member, and she had a sponsor. While visiting Edith at her home we learned that the well where she got water for her family didn’t flow any longer. The water was now just a trickle. This tripled Edith’s time at the well.

Look at her eyes. You can see the anger, the hurt, and despair. 100_3091

She, of course, was angry at the man from Pakistan who had built his home so close to this well that impeded it’s flow of water. She was frustrated and full of despair because he had taken from she and her family the very basic necessity of life. . . water.100_3092

Edith was also very abused by her husband. With so much despair and shame this drove Edith to alcohol. She didn’t know what to do with her pain. She had to numb herself. Edith was given warnings and grace that this was not acceptable as one who has a sponsor in Bunga-Love Project. She stopped attending the Bible studies, didn’t change her ways, and eventually lost her sponsorship.


Through multiple attempts Edith’s friend Agnes (pictured below) would plead with Edith to change her ways. Agnes would over and over again share with Edith the good news of Jesus Christ. Edith wanted nothing to do with Jesus. She didn’t want to hear His name or anything about Him.


As Edith was struggling with an abusive husband, the despair over finding water for her family, and her pull towards alcohol to numb her pain, she was shamed by others.


But she wasn’t shamed by everyone. There were two precious women in Bunga-Love Project, Justine and Christine, who went to Edith. They spoke nothing of Jesus to Edith. They sought first to clothe her. Edith, because of her choices, was left without clothing. They sought to get her something to eat. They never condemned her or shamed her. . . they loved her right where she was at. They freely opened up their homes to Edith.170

It was through love, that Edith wanted to hear. She wanted to hear why. Why did they do this for her? Why did they clothe her? Why did they feed her? Why did they open up their home to her? Why did they befriend her? Why did they love her because she was so unlovable?


Their answer. . . Because of Jesus. It was then Edith was willing and wanting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Agnes had planted the seed. Justine and Christine watered the seed. And God is bringing forth the harvest.


Please pray for Edith, that she will continue to grow in the love and grace of Jesus Christ, that she will know how loved she is by Him so that she will be filled with the fullness of God. That her husband, her children, her neighbors will see the difference in her and they will want to know why.


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