Margret’s Miracle

Margret, the one this ministry started with. Through this one woman God has been providing for many.

January 2014 started out with Margret being deathly sick (These pictures can be difficult to see and are graphic. Please take caution if you’re letting your children look at this).
My Margret sick

Margret and her boys

With the help of Pastor Yiga Lawrence and Margret’s family, she was rushed to a hospital.

Margret being taken to the hospital

Margret being taken to hospital #2

Margret was diagnosed with active tuberculosis. With a weakened immune system and active tuberculosis her chances of survival were small. Margret’s mother stood by her side. Knowing active tuberculosis is extremely contagious, Margret’s boys were kept away from her. Knowing active tuberculosis is extremely contagious, Margret’s mother took the risk and stayed by her side.Margret and her mother

Margret in the hosptial

Margret wasted away and became nothing but literal skin and bones.Margret hospital

Margret sick

We prayed. Ugandans were praying. Americans were praying. Even a missionary friend in China was praying. Margret’s name was literally being lifted up to the Most High God all over the world.

Margret with clothes

Margret's mother caring for her


And right before our eyes we saw God work and move and breathe life into this woman.

Margret swollen leg


Seeing Margret in her home was the first thing I wanted to do when my feet hit Ugandan soil. I was totally overcome and overwhelmed by the miraculous God we serve.


Michele and Margret

margret and i (3)


DSCF2205What a beautiful sight it was to give Margret fish and to see her so hungry. Her health had improved so much she was wanting food.


In July of 2014, just seven months from where she was on her death bed, look who walked to church.

Margret walking to the church

And look who continues to put on weight.


My Margret

Margret My

What a mighty God we serve.

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